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Black African Reorientation and Development Organization


Black African Reorientation and Development Organization (BARADO) is a non-profit non-governmental organization (NGO) committed to advancing and enhancing the quality of life of Africa.

It is an international initiative that seeks to deploy an integrated intrinsic African socio-cultural methodology in procuring sustainable interventions in effectively addressing developmental challenges such as conflict resolution, torture, extreme, poverty, illiteracy, child/material morbidity, environment etc. in rebuilding the black man.

Mankind is daily faced with a situation where though seemingly unaffected, the ravages of war, the bitter scenes of global terrorism, the ugly faces of diseases, through the media are brought home to the comfort of even his living-room to unsettle his mood. As information travels at the speed of light, man is no longer alienated from or even claim indifference to, the plight of his fellow man.

There is, therefore need for man to rise and wedge a common war against the negative cases of hunger, war, diseases, unsafe environment, global terrorism, drug abuse and violence that daily militate his existence. BARADO is at the vanguard of the quest by all to appreciate the enormity of the issues involved, with a corresponding will to contribute their quota in salvaging the situation.

Help & Support

With view to adding values and bringing measurable positive change to humanity.

Create Value

An Africa with social, political and economic opportunities regardless of gender, religion and ethnic origin.


We are committed to reaching out to thousands of people including women and children to change their lives. Join Us!


Challenging injustices and inequalities through enlightenment, advocacy and awareness projects.

Mission: To Transforming the idealogy of the Black Man

This is for the development & empowerment of socio-economically disadvantaged Africans & vulnerable people without a voice and assist them in addressing their social challenges and poverty-linked issues.


BARADO envisions a "Well-Informed AFrican Communities", empowered & democratic society which are guided by the values of equity, accountability, inclusion and respect.

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